Tidbits of history … a story about a trip to Hays with Fr. Bart (Bartholomew Dacek, OSB) as told by Clem Rethman Jr.

Sunday, September 11, 2022/Categories: History

We stopped at a rest area east of Hays on the way back from a state basketball tournament. Me, Emmett (Bergman) and (Fr.) Bart went in on the men’s side and Hilda (Bergman) went in on the ladies’ side. Bart walked out and me and Emmett sat inside and talked about an engine.

Then, me and Emmett was out there and then…ah…finally, Hilda came out and she says, “Where’s Bart at?” And I say “Ah, uh, I don’t know.” 

And she says, “Well, he probably went out for a little walk.”

His veins was botherin’ him in his legs. We  stood there for a while. Finally Hilda says, “Well we better look for that guy.” 

So we started goin’ round the back end of this old privy, ya know, hollerin’ “Hey Bart!  Hey  Bart”  Nobody’d answer.

And we got back up on the front side and I said, “I know where that sucker’s at!  He’s layin’ in my car, on the back seat.” 

So we walked to the car and there he was gigglin’ “Teeheehee, Teeheehee.”  He was hiding, and ah he says… he started mocking us “Hey Bart! Hey Bart! Hey Bart!” 

I thought “you sucker”  so we ah all got in the car.

 Me and Emmett sat in the front and Hilda and Bart sat in the back and we drove out on the…you know…to get on the interstate and head east.

 And Bart patted me on the back and said “We need a drink!” 

 I said, “You killed your time for a drink. Now we’re goin’ home!” 

 He didin’t get any either. Probably got one after he got home but he didn’t get any on the road. Fr. Bart came (as pastor) in ’73. I remember that because I was on parish council then.”



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