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Our Parish Tidbits – Excerpts from Fr. Cyril Bayer's Composition Book, August 5, 1934: “It is our intention to charge 25 c for the picnic supper.”

Sunday, September 11, 2022/Categories: History

“In a meeting held last week of the Officers of St. Ann’s M.L. Sod. it was decided that we have a picnic this year and we agreed that Tuesday August 21. be the Picnic’s day.
We realized that the drought, the seared corn, the
withered pastures offered little encouragement to have a picnicbut at the same time we felt that the low standing of the parish funds did not allow us to reject this means of helping the Church treasury however little it may be.

Every family in the parish is asked to give one chicken and ½ gallon potatoes already peeled. All married ladies are requested to contribute 25¢ in cash or due bills towards the buying of vegetables and another 25¢ tow. Ice cream.  This money to be collected by the young ladies who are going around. Other items of food, or things used in the preparation of food, to be solicited are pies, cake, fruit, pickles, butter, cream, milk and sugar. It’s our intention to charge just 25¢ for the picnic supper. Anyone who can give something for the fortune wheel is asked to do so. This however is optional. We have so far 4 quilts and the fancy articles made by the school girls. We all know that we are short of everything this year, but if we give what we can, a little from everybody -- we will surely be able to do as well as the other parishes around us and we will have the satisfaction that we cleared a neat little sum of a few hundred dollars for our parish church.”


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